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Sparrow Single Board Computer (COM-100)

Sparrow SBC (COM-100)

  • Complete Single Board Computer
  • Celeron or Pentium III, 300MHz – 1GHz
  • 3 Independent 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Channels
  • 5 USB 1.0 ports
  • 4 Serial Ports / 1 Parallel Port
  • Embedded High Resolution Video Controller
  • Embedded Stereo Sound Audio Controller
  • DIMM Socket (up to 512MB of memory)
  • Allows up to 4 external IDE storage devices
  • On-board Compact Flash Connector
  • Endless Applications
    (Highly Secure Routing/Firewall etc.)

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The Sparrow Single Board Computer is a highly integrated, ultra-compact and extremely capable “complete computer on a board”. Based on the INTEL Pentium III or Celeron processors running at up to 1GHz, this Single-Board Computer (SBC) sports three independent 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Channels, five USB 1.0 Ports, four Serial Ports, one Parallel Port, embedded High Resolution Video controller, and complete Stereo sound Audio controller. The DIMM socket allows up to 512MB of memory, and a complete set of headers allows attachment of up to 4 external IDE storage devices, including the on-board Compact Flash connector, plus up to two floppy diskette drives. The edge mounted PICMG-PCI connector allows off-board expansion with up to four bus-master PCI devices via an external passive PCI back plane in as little as a 1U high 19” chassis.

COM-100 Document
PDF (2,169 KB)

Header Pin Signal Definitions
PDF (12 KB)

Layout Connector Placements
PDF (212 KB)

Post Error Codes
PDF (43 KB)

Initially developed for high-security routing and firewall applications, the Sparrow’s expanded communications capabilities makes it ideal for network intensive applications. In addition, the on-board serial ports and USB ports makes this SBC a true “communicator”, for embedded in-network data collection and transmission applications. Built for continued use, the Sparrow is equally at home in desktop, industrial, embedded and military applications requiring the utmost in ruggedness and reliability.

The COM-100 - Sparrow runs off 12V DC input from an external “Universal” power supply “brick”, allowing use in fixed as well as airborne or mobile installations.



Celeron or Pentium III, 300MHz – 1GHz
PGA-370 socket, 66/100/133MHz FSB

  Chip Set SiS-630E with SiS-950 LPC Super I/O
  Memory One 168-pin DIMM Socket, 3.3V, PC-100/PC-133, 64-bit
Up to 512MB
  Video Integrated SiS-300 128-bit Ultra 4X AGP 2D/3D Video Controller
2/4/8/16/32/64MB Share Frame Buffer (SFB)
  Keyboard, Mouse Header for KBD and MOUSE PS/2 signals
  Serial Four 16555 style COM1, COM2, COM3 and COM4 Headers
  Parallel One IEEE 1284 EPP/ECP Parallel Port Header

Line In, Line Out, MIC Header
CD-In Header
Legacy SB16 compatible
16-bit full duplex CODEC
4 CH 16-bit DAC
32-bit PCI Bus Master

  Hard Disk Two Ultra DMA 33/66 Headers (IDE 1 and IDE 2)
(Note: IDE 2 Slave Channel used by Compact Flash)
  Floppy Disk One FD Header
  LAN Three Integrated SiS-900 based 10/100 100Base-T Ethernet Headers
IEEE 802.3x full-duplex flow control
  USB Five USB Ports, 2 in Back, 3 in Front
  Expansion One edge PCI (PICMG specification) expansion connector
  Indicators LED Indicators (Power, 2 * HD Activity, 3 * Ethernet, 2 * AUX) Header
  Digital Inputs RESET In, General Input 1 and 2
  Supervision CPU Voltages, System FAN
  BIOS Award BIOS, 2MB Flash ROM
  Power Power Input Connector for external supply of +12V DC
  Compliance Microsoft PC99 ready, P-n-P, DMI 2.1, ACPI 1.0, PCI 2.2
  Environment 10 – 40 degrees Centigrade
  Size 203.2 * 146 mm (8.0” * 5.75”)
Will fit in a 1U high cabinet, no sockets or connectors on the bottom

Drivers and Software (NEW!)

Check the download page for the latest BIOS and extra programs for the COM-100.

COM-100 Add-ons

The COM-100 - Sparrow SBC normally comes “bare”, the board only, without CPU, Memory, FAN, cables, add-on cards, etc. – ready for embedding by the customer into the relevant enclosure and application.

Based on earlier customer requirements, Industrial Design has made available the following optional add-ons:

  COM-101 Front (LED) Indicator Panel (picture below)
  COM-102 KVM Board 1 - Back Connector Panel (picture below)
  COM-103 50 watts “universal Input” (90 – 240Vm 50-60Hz) 12V DC Power Supply, with U.S. Power cable
  COM-112 KVM Board 2 – Front Connector Panel, 1U, version 2
  COM-113 COM+3LAN – Back Ethernet x 3 + 1 COM Port connector panel, 1U


  PCI-101 PCI Expansion Passive Back Plane, 1 PCI Card
  PCI-103 PCI Expansion Passive Back Plane, 3 PCI Cards

In addition, we can deliver the COM-100 Sparrow SBC completely configured with:

  COM-104 INTEL Celeron CPU, 600MHz
  COM-105 INTEL Pentium III CPU, 1MHz
  COM-106 DRAM Memory Stick – 64MB
  COM-107 DRAM Memory Stick – 128MB
  COM-108 DRAM Memory Stick – 256MB
  COM-109 DRAM Memory Stick – 512MB
  COM-110 Cooling Fan Assembly for CPU

Complete Cable Set consisting of:

  • 2 Ribbon Cables for up to 4 Hard Drives, CD-ROM, etc.
  • 1 Ribbon Cable for 2 Floppy Diskette Drives
  • 3 Hard Drive “Y” Power Connector Cables
  • 1 Hard Drive to Floppy Drive Power Converter Cable
  • 2 10-pin Header to DB-9-Male Serial Port Cables
  • 3 Ethernet Cables – 2 x RJ-45

Top View


Connector Layout

Instant-On jumper 1-2-3 1-2, Operation controlled by PWR Button.
2-3: Board starts instantly by Power ON
CMOS Jumper


1-2:Clear CMOS

2-3: Run (normal position)
PWR Button


Connect: Power ON or OFF (toggle)

COM-100 Sparrow with COM-101 Front LED Indicators Add-on

COM-100 Sparrow with COM-102 KVM Board 1 - Back Connector Panel

COM-100 Document
PDF (2,169 KB)

Header Pin Signal Definitions
PDF (12 KB)

Layout Connector Placements
PDF (212 KB)

Post Error Codes
PDF (43 KB)